Foodbank Appeal


The Food Banks are all desperately in need of help, as regular food from our local churches is no longer available. The churches are all closed and there are severe restrictions on people's movements.

HOWEVER, there is a way we can continue to support those in our community who are in desperate need.

Would everyone who is financially able please consider making a regular (monthly) or one-off donation to our local SOUTH SEFTON FOODBANK. It is run by the St. Leonards Youth and Community Centre. As it is a CHARITY, Gift Aid can be claimed on all donations if you are a taxpayer. This does NOT cost you anything extra. For example, if you donate £10, then with the Gift Aid, the Foodbank will receive £12.50. This is a 25% bonus, which will greatly assist them in buying the food they need.

It only takes a few minutes to make a donation if you do it on-line:

  • Search for “South Sefton Foodbank”

  • Click or Press on the orange “Donate” button

There are then 2 ways you can choose to donate:

1   Donate from your Debit or Credit Card. To do this, locate the blue “charity checkout DONATE” area. This can be on the right-hand side or lower down on the page, depending on the sort of device you are using. Click or Press in that area and then fill in your details.

On the page 'Make a Donation to St. Leonard's Youth and Community Centre”, do not sign in, but go to the bottom of the page and fill in the box with your email address. Complete the next page of Name/Address/phone no. Press a circle to indicate either 'Yes' or 'No' about further contact. Press the box to agree the Terms & Conditions. You can then give your card details for payment.

When completed you will receive a prompt 'Thank You' and confirmation details.

2   Send a Cheque Make your cheque out to “St. Leonard's Youth and Community Centre”. To add Gift Aid, look at the Regular Giving section and Click or Press on the “Gift Aid (only)” form. This will download a 1-page document for you to print, fill in and send with your cheque to the Foodbank. Their address is on the screen, at the bottom.


Consider the money we will all be saving on transport, entertainment etc. and let's put it to use helping others in our community.


If you have any queries please contact Peter Eggington on -

0151-924 3970, or

Page last updated: 27th March 2020 9:23 PM