2018 June

Greetings friends 

Isn't life wonderful? 

Need time to think? Or is your 'yes' qualified or with conditions. 

We all want comfortable lives that we can control by our plans, desires and wishes. However, we are not utterly independent and unaffected by others and outside forces. 

Seeing a family of newly hatched goslings, as I walked around my local park lake this morning made me think of the change in those parents lives. Births, deaths, accidents and incidents and old age, etc change our lives. 

These past months we have been particularly focused on the changing lives of the disciples. Their despair when Jesus was crucified, and the return to their old lives, probably to feel 'comfortable ', to be with the familiar and away from those seeking them. The joy of the Risen Lord, and His meetings with them, and perhaps the hope that He would stay with them. But no, once again He was leaving, but it was necessary so that the Holy Spirit could come. So a time of waiting and wondering about the task Jesus had given them to share the Good News of Himself and about this power. A time when they were seemingly left alone. 

Then the day of Pentecost came, prayers answered, fear taken away and the power came. They knew God with them and equipping for their onward journey in life and faith. Not a journey of comfort and ease but one of fulfilment and promise kept that they will never be alone. 

Going back to my geese, are you aware that a wild goose is along with wind, water, fire and dove a symbol of the Holy Spirit? Have you watched geese flying? They fly in a V shape, the stronger ones leading lifting the weaker geese that are behind. As they journey and the front ones tire, they fall back and others take the lead. Also, if one weakens and needs to go to ground another leaves the flock and goes with it and stays alongside until the weak one dies and then joins another flock to complete its journey. 

The Holy Spirit gives us comfort, strength, equipping and the ever presence of God in our journeying. And calls us, like the wild goose to do our part in our fellowships, churches and circuit.


Every Blessing


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