2021 November & December

28 November 2021

Dear Friends,

I was challenged this year to do something positive for Halloween, as mission. Sceptically, we bought sweets, put up a poster saying, ‘we serve candy here’ and waited to see what happened. We were visited by about 9 families, all with smiles. Afterwards, we decided that was better for our community, than turning off the lights and pretending we were out. It gives a positive message that the Christians in the street are nice people.

After such a good experience, I wondered what we could do for Christmas. I am reminded that we are still living in the middle of a pandemic. I know many people within our communities have struggled and continue to struggle; and I wonder if we could be people of hope this year if we can make a difference in our communities.

I encourage you to do the advent challenge below with me, each week of Advent; let’s bring love, light and hope to our communities.


Advent 1: Read Luke 1:30-33

Ponder – think about how God invites you to make a difference for him where you are.


Action: Mary was asked to bring Jesus into the world. How could you bring something of ‘Jesus’ love and character into your daily life this week?

  • Look for an opportunity to encourage someone at work, school or in your neighbourhood.

  • As you write your Christmas cards, write an extra line of encouragement rather than just signing your name.


Advent 2: Read Matthew 1:2-21

Ponder – think about. Something you’re fearful about at the moment and ask for courage to do it with God, for his glory.


Action: Mary and Joseph both had to say ‘yes!’ to God when he invited them to join in his kingdom work.

Have a ‘yes’ week. Say ‘yes’ quickly when asked to help.

Saint Alphonsus Rodriguez was known for caring for each person he met as if they were Jesus. Care for those you meet this week as if they were Jesus, looking for ways to bless them with your words and actions.


Advent 3: Read Luke 2:8-10

Ponder – think about the fact that God loves everyone – including you!


Action: Shepherds were the lowest of the low – and yet God gave them the invitation to meet Jesus.

  • Find a way to ‘invite’ someone this week who sometimes gets overlooked. Someone at school or college who is lonely, a colleague who gets left out, or a neighbour you haven’t met yet. Invite them to play, take them for coffee, or simply have a chat.


Advent 4: Read Matthew 2:2

Ponder – think about how you can worship Jesus this week through your work, relationship, or play.


Action: The Magi followed the star that guided them and gave gifts to bless the newborn king.

Give a gift to someone to thank them for what they do every day – the person who drives your bus, sweeps your streets, your postman, the cleaner at your office.

Pray for an opportunity to tell a friend what Christmas means to you this week.


Christmas Day: Read Isaiah 9:6

Ponder – pause and thank God for the greatest gift of all – his Son, Jesus Christ.


Action: Today we celebrate the birth of light into the world.

As you eat Christmas dinner, offer to say a prayer of thanks – invite the people you are with to name one thing they’re thankful for in this past year.

Pray that god’s light would shine in the dark places of our world today. Ask him to show you how you can shine his light in your day-to-day life, among the people you normally meet.


May you have a wonderful Christmas, full of love, light and hope.


Love and Peace

Rev Karen Beecham


Material taken from: LICC Advent Boxes https://licc.org.uk/resources/advent-packs


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