2016 July/August

July 2016

Dear Friends,

To say that I am proud of Moor Lane would be an understatement!

On the 11th of June we held a Garden Party for the Queen’s 90th birthday. Although we weren’t counting, we reckon that over 200 people were at the church that day. They ranged from a baby of only 5 weeks old to a lady who was over 103! We also had people from all over our community, thanks to the many volunteers who walked their legs off, delivering publicity leaflets door-to-door.

Many people commented on the cream teas and home-made cakes provided by an army of bakers, and the younger guests made full use of the bouncy castle.

Despite our decision to have the tables indoors rather than outdoors because of the threat of rain, there was plenty room in the hall and in the church.

Our Garden Party demonstrated many of the aims that we as a church have been working towards over the last year. Our first aim was Radical Hospitality, and we achieved this by offering our cream teas and indeed the whole event for free. Several people commented on this as being unexpected, and it was good to offer hospitality beyond the expectations of our guests.

We also sought to provide Intentional Faith Development. Having laid out a labyrinth in the church for our week of prayer, I was encouraged when our Church Council asked me to lay out the labyrinth on our front grass. While some of the children ran round the labyrinth like a maze, other people took their time around the 14 stations of the labyrinth. It is always good to try out different forms of spirituality in coming closer to God.

The main aim of our garden party was Risk-Taking Mission. We set out not knowing how many people would come, whether it would be 100 or 400. It meant that detailed planning was difficult and this may have been disconcerting to those of us who like everything organised! The centre of our mission activity was to give out 200 copies of “The Servant Queen and the King She Serves.” This excellent publication contains the Queen’s own testimony to her faith in Jesus and how he helps her in the challenges and joys of her dutiful life. I am pleased to say that all our copies of the book have been given away, again for free.

The final aim of our church related to the Garden Party is Extravagant Generosity. It is thanks to the generosity of our members that the costs of the books were covered fully with no cost to church funds. Indeed, thanks to the generosity of those who baked, bought scones, cream and strawberries; to those who gave donations on the day; and to local businesses who sponsored us, the whole event did not cost the church a penny.

Radical hospitality, intentional faith development, risk-taking mission and extravagant hospitality are all marks of a living church.

One mark that I have not mentioned is Passionate Worship. On Sunday 17th July at 2:30pm, we are holding our second Songs of Praise at Moor Lane, the first having been a great success at All Saints with St. Frideswyde Church. We are delighted to welcome The King’s Church to join us, and we look forward to having Songs of Praise at the King’s Church in September.

I hope and pray that as we continue to pursue all the marks of a living church, we will indeed see growth, numerically and spiritually.

May you have a wonderful summer.



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