2019 September - Karen's first letter

Dear Friends,

Let me introduce myself. My name is Karen and I am 46 years old. Brett and I have been married for four years this coming October. I have three daughters Emily, Katherine and Hannah. Brett has a daughter Sara and three sons Alex, Kieran and Marcus. My hobbies are card-making, cooking, running and learning Spanish. We enjoy going out for walks around parks, lakes and in the countryside.  Family is really important to us and we keep in touch with people as much as we can. 

One of Brett and my favourite things to do together is going to the cinema. One of my favourite films that we have watched is the Hobbit. I love the way that Bilbo Baggings had a quiet, ordered life, with the same routine every day. Then one day Gandalf comes along and creates mayhem, putting a sign on his door that all the visitors can see. Bilbo is invited to join this motley crew to go on an adventure. At first he turns them down, reflecting on all the things that are comfortable and predictable with his current life. The others all leave and then the next day you see Bilbo running through fields, jumping hedges, waving this contract and saying that he is going on an adventure. 

Brett and I have been in Rotherham some time and have got into our own routine. I knew what I needed to do for my churches and we worked well together. We were all comfortable with the arrangement, because we all knew where we stood. It would have been easy to stay in the circuit, but we felt stirred by God towards a new adventure. We have now left and come to join all of you in the Crosby Circuit. We were delighted when we discovered we had been stationed with you. Your profile excited us and we knew that we had skills that would contribute towards the skills and gifts already present in all of you. 

We too are on the cusp of a new adventure like Bilbo Baggins. As Bilbo Baggins was invited and stirred up by Gandalf we were, and are, invited and stirred up by Jesus to be his disciples and  to join in the adventure of creating new disciples.  It was said of Jesus “He stirs up the people all over Judea by his teaching” (Luke 23:5).  I wonder if we are open to be stirred up by Jesus?  Are we excited about what God might do with the next step of our journey as a circuit and as churches? I wonder if you are comfortable and predictable, and a bit worried about change? Are you willing to follow Jesus regardless of where that might take you/us?

I’m ready and excited about this new adventure, are you?



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