2019 November

Dear Friends

Someone said "Yesterday is history, tomorrow is mystery, today is a gift from God, that is why it is called the present, so live it."

But for many, perhaps the older ones amongst us, looking back is something we often do. One housebound lady asked me frequently "Is it wrong to look back?" She sat remembering times when she was more active, times shared with those no longer alive.

Sometimes we need to learn from history or give thanks for people who have touched our lives directly or indirectly and this month of November is full of opportunities for us all to remember.

1st November: All Saints Day – as we remember those over the millennia who have influenced Christianity through their actions, stories and writings and have been canonised. Those include:-

  • 11 of the original Disciples of Jesus plus Paul and Stephen

  • the UK patron saints – David, George, Andrew and Patrick.

  • and in recent times Pope Paul VI, Archbishop Oscar Romero (2018) and now Cardinal John Henry Newman (13th October 2019).

Did you know that there are two divisions of saints, red (martyred) and white (died naturally).

2nd November: All Souls Day when we remember those not formally canonised but have journeyed with us and touched our lives, leaving us with memories, love and the changes brought about in us through that love. Like you, I have many including:-

- Revd Roy Wilkins to whom God gave a vision which led us to a year at Cliff College and took me out whilst on note for preaching

- My late husband Les whose lifestyle followed that of Saint Francis of simplicity, grace and love

  • Some of those of great faith whom I have ministered to and amongst.

11th November: Remembering the Armistice at the end of World War 1 at 11.00am on that day in 1918 and those "who gave their tomorrows for our todays" then and in other conflicts since in the quest for peace.

I have always thought that God gave me a great gift when He told me to keep people in my heart and not their problems on my shoulders (these to be lifted to Him). This I have always done. Therefore, my memories are full of people from all over the country where my ministry has taken me. Relationships are so much more precious than any material things we can ever own whether they are personal, in fellowship or community because they bring love, hope and life to each party.

And the greatest of all is our relationship with our Lord. Although, as we take Holy Communion we remember what Jesus did for us, there are often times when we are wrapped in worries or fears of past mistakes, future uncertainties or of what others think, that we forget the tender heart of the Father who gave His Son to have intimacy with us. We are His children and heirs of the promise not through merit but by His precious love and the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

May we remember this daily and in so doing share intimacy with Him and live our lives to His glory.

Every blessing

Deacon Jenny Knight

Mission & Ministry Team

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