2018 September

Dear Friends,

While many of our animal friends hibernate during the winter, often churches tend to hibernate during August as many people go on holiday to fit in with school or family commitments, and many of our organisations take a well-earned break. That means that September is a shock to the system as we crank back up to full speed.

For ministers and office-bearers, it means plenty of meetings, but it is also an opportunity to put into place the things that we have planned to do in the coming year.

During our last church year, our churches and our circuit prepared mission statements and growth plans, listing the practical things that we were willing to do to help encourage growth, whether that be measured in numbers, spiritual depth, church activities, impact in our local community or whatever.

As a result, we have organised prayer meetings, mission activities, discussion groups, table top sales and art installations with the aim of being closer to God, being closer to our communities and understanding one another better. We have been thrilled at how people have engaged with the growth plans of their church, and we look forward to more and more people becoming involved.

These activities are for everyone to get involved with. No matter how capable or not we may feel, there is a place for us all to play a part. We have recognised over the last year that just as our circuit has benefitted from our Mission and Ministry Team, church is very much a team effort involving everyone.

On 9th October, Formby Methodist Church are hosting a book club looking at Neil Hudson’s book, Imagine Church. Hudson points out that we are not called to be Christians only on a Sunday morning (or evening). We are called to be Christian witnesses all our waking week, where we are, at home, at work and at leisure. Every conversation, every encounter provides an opportunity for others to see the effect that knowing Christ has had on us – not by trying to be someone else, but by being natural about the special place that Jesus and the church have in our lives.

Every one of us is special with gifts and talents that make us who we are. God has placed us where we are so that our abilities may be used for his glory.

So, church is really a team effort, involving each and every one of us.

As we start this church year, we face an exciting prospect as we seek to build on the work that we have already done and as we look forward to the preparation for a new stage in our ministry in 2019 as this year the circuit enters the Methodist Church’s stationing process.

Please pray for all that God has planned for us in the coming year.

With every blessing,

David Somerville

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