2018 May


Over the Easter weekend I had the pleasure of joining in with folk at Formby as they set up a tent in the centre of Formby village. We spent the day giving away free cakes, sweets and chocolate, doing crafts with families and running an Easter trail. It was a great day and a great opportunity to bless the people of Formby.

One of the things we kept encountering during the day was the shock of us providing something for free. People found it difficult to believe we were giving them something they didn’t need to pay for.

It struck me that Easter is the ultimate time of receiving things we didn’t pay for. It’s the time we remember the sheer generosity of God and how all-encompassing that generosity is. And it’s an excellent time to be sharing that truth with the world.

As we move out of Easter and look forward to Pentecost I’m challenged once again to think about how we take the generosity of Easter and share it forward. How do we enable the world to encounter a living God, who loves them fiercely, and gave everything that they might know Him? As I reflect on the conversations I’ve had over the Easter period, particularly with those who have no knowledge of the Easter story, I’m struck by the need for us to be communicating the gospel more intentionally and more specifically than ever before and of the need for us to be good news to the world, both as churches and as disciples of Jesus.

I recognise that these are big ideas and questions. For the whole of the Church, not just for those of us in the Crosby Circuit. I also recognise that often big questions have really big answers, big plans to address them, or even whole new approaches. And there are probably some really big ones to these questions, maybe even some big ones you are thinking of right now.

But for me, at this particular time, in my own life and faith, I am being reminded about the small answers. The small things that I can do. The little actions I can take that can make a big difference.

My willingness to come before God again, human and weak, asking him to fill me afresh with His Holy Spirit and continue transforming my mind so that I may see as he sees. Asking him to use me for his will each day and in every situation. My ability to pray for anything and everything and more importantly for anyone. My openness about my faith, my willingness to talk about what I believe to those I live in community with. My resources and time and how I use both to bless others. My voice and choices and how I lend them to stopping injustice and protecting the vulnerable.

The situation of a whole world needing Jesus can feel like a massive burden. The reality of churches in decline is an insurmountable task to overcome. A mountain too steep to climb. But I believe if we are going to transform the world (and the church) it starts with small actions, that each of us can make in our individual lives. Because lots of small, regular, intentional actions can make a massive difference. And you never know where those actions might lead you.

So how do we take the generosity of Easter forward? How do we enable the world to encounter the living God? How do we communicate the gospel more effectively? By focusing our eyes on Him, being filled afresh with the Holy Spirit and being a transformed people. By responding to the small everyday prompts of the God who call us to act right where we are, in our current situations. And trusting that the rest will follow, in the power and will and time of ‘He who can do more than we ask of imagine’.

At least that’s what I’m doing right now



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