2016 October

October 2016

Dear Friends,

I am thrilled at the opportunity for intentional faith development that has developed at Moor Lane resulting from the inception of two house groups, one on a Monday afternoon and one on a Thursday evening. The aim of these groups is to provide a means of fellowship and also to allow us to explore our faith through conversation with one another.

Small groups were at the heart of John Wesley’s Methodist movement, even before it ceased to be part of the Church of England. He recognised that if our faith is to grow, we need more than just Sunday services, important as they are, but also the opportunity to talk in small groups about matters of faith. It was out of such groups that Methodism grew in depth and numbers to become the force that has influenced every denomination of the church.

It is as we as friends gather together to talk about our faith that we are encouraged, perhaps challenged, and enriched by each other, finding ourselves taking our faith more seriously and seeing it engage with different aspects of our lives.

Wesley talked about the Methodist quadrilateral of Scripture, Tradition, Experience and Reason. As we open ourselves to each other’s experiences of God at work in our lives, as we wrestle with each other’s interpretation of Scripture and our Methodist tradition and reason with one another, we find ourselves blessed and enriched.

This may sound that our house groups are going to be just for theological heavyweights – far from it. The aim is to provide a light and easy environment within which each group can develop its own character and move at its own pace.

May I encourage you to have a go? As the name suggests, we will be meeting in the relaxed comfort of members’ houses. Please contact either Barbara Mason or Linda Dalton for more information.

I hope that you find yourself on an adventure of discovery and growth that is engaging, interesting and fulfilling.





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