2016 April

April 2016


Dear Friends,


Over the last few months, we have been looking for ways in which we can engage more with our community. You may be aware that we have conducted a number of leaflet drops around the community for various events, such as our Christmas and Easter services.

Last month saw the culmination of some of our efforts, firstly with the launch of our website, moorlanemethodist.org.uk, which contains information about the church and what is happening. If you haven’t seen it, and you have access to the internet, I would encourage you to have a look at it. Please give us feedback on what you think of it, as we want to improve it and make it a really functional window to the church.

The second task that we have completed is the installation of an illuminated cross in the Children’s Chapel window. This is timed to be switched on in the evening up until midnight. I hope you agree that it gives a boost to our street presence and draws attention to who we are and the One in whom we believe.

I have already received comments from people of other churches about how encouraging it is for them to see the cross lit up at night.

We are also looking at renewing our noticeboards at the front of the church to improve their visibility.

In addition, thanks to the money raised through our church lunches, we have improved our kitchen facilities with the purchase of two new cookers.

All this is part of our drive to be a church of radical hospitality, one of the five practices of fruitful congregations, identified by Robert Schnase. (The others are passionate worship, intentional faith development, risk-taking mission and extravagant generosity).

I have seen first-hand how welcoming we are as a congregation to visitors who come to our services and other events. That still leaves the onus on visitors to come to us. We need to move from just being welcoming to being invitational.

We hope that the website, the cross and the distribution of leaflets will help with regard to this. However, the best way to be invitational is to invite personally our friends, neighbours and acquaintances to come to church.

In our community, there are many people who are lonely and want to be able to belong. One of the great strengths of our church is the sense of belonging that we are able to offer. From the Reach youth club that meets on Saturday evenings to the Friendship Circle and the Indoor Bowls that meet midweek, we have opportunities for access to the fellowship of the church in ways that may seem less daunting to people who are not used to coming to church. It is through these entry points that people find a sense of belonging and discover a ready-made community that is welcoming.

Having celebrated Easter in March this year, April is the time of resurrection – a time of offering new hope to others. By our hospitality, openness and willingness to invite others, may we offer the power of resurrection to people in Crosby who are looking for a community to which they can belong.

May God bless you, your family and your community and may God use you to be a blessing to others in this Eastertide.




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