2015 May

May 2015

Dear friends,

We in the Methodist Church organise ourselves in groups that enable us to function as a church. Thus Moor Lane Methodist Church does not stand on its own, but is part of a Circuit, which is the grouping that calls staff (Terry and me) to serve with the local churches, organises the provision and maintenance of manses, provides and organises ministers and local preachers for the leading of worship and acts as the link between the local churches and the District (Liverpool in our case).

The Circuit also acts as the body through which the local churches make decisions about how they are to be staffed, what characteristics are to be desired in new staff who come to the Circuit, and how they are to be shared out.

There is no place within Methodism for a church to act purely on its own, unless it becomes a single church circuit, taking on the financial and organisational responsibilities of a Circuit. Thus it is necessary for us to consider not just what happens at Moor Lane, but also work together with the other churches in our Circuit, namely, Formby, Blundellsands, St. Mark’s and Birchdale Road.

The Circuit is not some separate, remote body that we can think of as “Them”. It is made up of members from each of the churches, and is therefore “Us”. With a small circuit such as ours, it means that we have a significant say in what happens in the Circuit, but it also means that we have a significant responsibility to provide the officers required for the Circuit to function. This can be challenging for a small circuit, with only a few churches from which to find its officers, but this is the cost of having such a voice in what happens at Circuit.

Under the guidance of the Superintendent Minister (Terry), the Circuit has Circuit Stewards, people appointed from the local churches, who have the responsibility of carrying out the functions of the Circuit and the decisions made by the Circuit meeting. The Circuit also has a Circuit Treasurer and a Circuit Property Steward, as the Circuit is involved with money and has properties to maintain – the manses. To ensure that the individual churches’ views are heard at Circuit level, each church is represented by its Treasurer, a Steward and in our case, four elected representatives. Without these officers and representatives, the Circuit cannot function.

After a number of years of service, we are losing David Honour as a Circuit Steward as he moves away from the area, and Gordon Harrison as Circuit Treasurer as he stands down from this position. This leaves Alan Lewis as a solitary Circuit Steward. It is not viable or healthy for him to work on his own. For Crosby Circuit to continue in its current form, it is necessary for us to find at least two new Circuit Stewards and a new Circuit Treasurer.

As Moor Lane is the second biggest church in the Circuit, it behoves us to provide local people to help in running the Circuit. Please do not just assume that someone else will do it. Helping out, even for a year, will enable Crosby Circuit to continue in its current form.

Please give this prayerful consideration and ask the question asked in the hymn, I the Lord of sea and sky: Here I am, Lord. Is it I, Lord? And respond: I will go, Lord, if you lead me. I will hold your people in my heart.

If this is you, please speak to me or Terry to find out more information.

With best wishes,



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