2015 July/August

July/August 2015

Dear Friends,

At our recent annual church general meeting, I was greatly heartened as we talked about mission – making a difference in people’s lives – both inside and outside the church. Often we think of mission in terms of the scale of a Billy Graham crusade, hiring a football stadium and impacting a wide community.

Instead, Jesus talked about the kingdom of God being like a mustard seed, so small that you could hardly see it, yet growing up into a large plant where God’s creatures can take shelter. Things that we write off as insignificant can grow to be the landmarks of tomorrow that guide and lead others to Christ.

We discussed drumming workshops, bacon butties on the grass outside the church, reinvigorating the Friendship Circle and many more things. We recognised that sometimes we need to lay down the way we have done things in the past to discover how we should do them in the future.

We cannot say which of these ‘seeds’ will grow, but by being generous in our sowing, we turn our eyes away from ourselves  and focus on others and the opportunities that we can offer to them to discover a relationship with Jesus.

One such seed that has grown over the last year has been our youth group, Reach, which started last year with about seven members and is now up to eighteen. That growth has been through word of mouth only, indicating hat we are providing a facility that is attractive to young people.

Our aim is to provide the means where others can discover the love and care of our Lord Jesus and come into a relationship with him. Such means can take many different forms, and just as we are individuals, so we need different types of opportunity to respond to his message of good news.

Nor is mission just for young people. If we can show love and provide opportunities for people of all ages to discover and follow Jesus, this will allow us to engage with our neighbours and friends, no matter what their age. A person in their nineties needs the love of Jesus just as much as a teenager.

For this to happen, it must involve everyone in the church, using their God-given talents and abilities, whether that is making a cup of tea and having a chat, using musical ability, engaging with young people in their activities, or in providing the back up administration and upkeep of property to enable it to happen.

While the primary aim of mission is not church growth, but rather the spread of the gospel to those who have not heard it, we hope and pray that as others respond to God’s love and grace, so we may find Moor Lane Methodist Church being blessed. We engage with mission knowing that we worship a God of mission. Rather than praying that God will catch up with us in our mission, we pray that he will lead us so that we can catch up with what he is doing in his mission.

As we prepare for summer holidays, and some activities take a break, our times of worship on a Sunday and of prayer on Monday mornings continue. It is in these times of worship and prayer that we meet with God and seek his will, so that we may discern what he is doing.

Please join us over the summer as we seek to find what God is doing in Crosby.

Whether you are at home or away on holiday, may you have a blessed summer.



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