2015 December

December 2015

Dear Friends,

As I write during what has been a very mild November, Christmas seems a long way off.

Christmas is the time that we remember and celebrate the incarnation of our Lord Jesus Christ, when the eternal Word of God, the second Person of the Holy Trinity, gave up his heavenly glory and came initially as a foetus in Mary’s womb and was born as a vulnerable baby in a hostile world.

It was a new beginning – the start of what God had planned in bringing about a new covenant between himself and humanity. We can read in the prophecies of the Old Testament, the Scriptures that were available to Jesus, what God planned, and we are reminded by Simeon in Luke 2 that he was waiting to see God’s salvation, “prepared in the sight of the nations: a light for revelation to the Gentiles.”

All of Jewish history was leading up to this one point. All our history stems from the Word of God, made flesh – history is ‘his story’.

Some of our greatest and most beloved hymns have been crafted around the theme of Jesus’ birth, and everything that has influenced and enhanced our lives through the Gospel and through the church stems from the new beginning that Jesus’ birth represented.

In the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, C.S. Lewis uses a phrase coined by George Stringer Rowe in his hymn, Cradled in a manger meanly. Narnia is gripped in a spell where it is always winter and never Christmas. Rowe asks in his hymn:

And to those who never listened
to the message of thy birth,
who have winter, but no Christmas
bringing them thy peace on earth,
send to these the joyful tidings;
by all people, in each home,
be there heard the Christmas anthem:
praise to God, the Christ has come.

As we recognise the great blessings that we have received in Christ, and as we see so many around who cannot see past the tinsel, the presents and the turkey, and so many who may be on their own – those who have winter but no Christmas –  the challenge to each one of us is to offer the Christmas message of hope to all around us. This willingness to share with others what we consider to be so important and such a blessing to us is a natural part of our desire to be more hospitable to those around us who need the Good News just as much as we do.

Why not invite your next-door neighbour to one of our Christmas services and share the joy of Christmas?

With every blessing,



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