2022 May

Dear Friends,

I wonder if you have ever been on a journey with a child, who asks as soon as you get to the end of your street, the famous words ‘are we there yet?’

I know from my journeys I’ve taken with children that the question is asked about every 5 minutes. Usually you play a game, give them some sweets to make the journey not feel so long. Maybe you stop on the way at a service station or café.

We come to that time of year when we are all thinking about traveling and having holidays. What kind of journeys are we going on? For me, I have several different types of journeys; we have holidays booked, a time to go and explore new places. I have started a course called ‘People Leadership’, a time to discover new skills. Also, we have an ongoing journey of supporting, encouraging, and spending time with our family.

As a church, we are on a journey of coming back together after the pandemic. We are creating a new normal, seeing old things return and new things begin. We are also exploring what our future may hold, what Circuit we will be a part of. We then have the journey of the circuit; the change in staff as Hayley leaves, Margaret reducing her hours and new people hopefully coming. The conversations around the Circuit merging and the question, where will all the churches in the circuit go?

Many of us along the way, will be saying, ‘are we there yet’? Some of the journeys may be taking us longer than we thought, or maybe the journey has paused or hit some traffic and come to a standstill. But we all know from previous journeys we have taken, that the travelling to somewhere, is part of the holiday, or qualification, or building relationships with people etc… We know no matter how delightful or horrendous the journey is, that when we get to where we are going, there is a blessing to follow; the holiday will be amazing and recuperative, that the qualification will develop skills, spending time with family and friends is precious as we create memories to treasure.

As we continue our varied journeys let us not forget that our travelling companion is Jesus, we are not alone, and through the Holy Spirit we are strengthened day by day for what that day brings. We are given the gifts of endurance and patience to help us. We also have each other; we can offer care, support, and encouragement along the way. We know that our loving Father reconciles all things to himself. You know when you come to the end of a journey, you have reached your destination, and you just take a moment to look at the view, to reflect on a success, that is the start of the blessing to follow (Colossians 1:3:20).

As we look back over the past year:

What have been the landmarks in your life this year?

What have been the familiar stories that have benefitted from being told and retold?

When have been the times you seem to be stuck, or the journey has been too slow?

As we look forward to the coming year:

What are your hopes for the journeys you are on?

What are the blessings to follow, at the end of the journey?

What new beginnings waits for you at the end of a journey’s beginning?


May you all be richly blessed as journey’s end and new journeys begin.


Rev'd Karen


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